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towards the brilliant future...

We are a group of young energetic enthusiasts who are working on different social and technological innovations alongside our daily jobs. All of us are currently undergraduate students. Alongside our academic studies, we work on IoT, Machine Learning, Software Development and so on to produce innovative solutions to the problems around us.

In a negative sense, we all are surrounded with problems. At the same time, in a positive sense, WE are the ones who can help society to solve those problems around us. We may not be able to change the whole world or solve everything we want. But there are a thousand of enthusiasts like us whose small contributions can collectively make this world a better place. We, Techno Rex, is contributing our best to that oath of change with our unique innovative ideas and all our skills.


Products we have made and prototypes we are working on


Projects that we have done and still working on

Team Members

Samnan Rahee

Product Engineer
Team Lead

Machine Learing
UI/UX Design
CUDA Programming
Creative Research

Sihan Tawsik

Android and Software Developer

Java, Android
BASH Programming
IoT, Embedded System Programming

Sajid Islam

Embedded Hardware Developer

PCB Layout, Firmware, Hardware, Circuit Design
Circuit Development and Analysis

Pranjal Kumar Nandi

UI/UX Developer
Web Developer

Web Engineering
IoT,Embedded System Programming

Zahin Haque

Android Developer


AF Kingshuk

Business Logic Developer

Market Analysis
Business Logic Development

Omar Shaheed

Product Designer

3D Designing
3D Printing

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